Review: Tips on Making Money with Hubpages

In this review, you will find several tips on making money with Hubpages. is a web site where you can start a free blog and get paid for writing articles. If you are familiar with “get paid to write” sites, you may have heard of Hubpages before. But many people do not know about writing at home as a job. The internet provides many job opportunities for people who have to or want to work from home. If you are interested in making some money by writing articles, you may like

In this article, I will give a brief introduction of first. At the end of the article, you can find the pros and cons of hubpages and tips on making money with hubpages. If you are not interested in the background of Hubpages, you can skip the first part of the article.

Hubpages is a successful “get paid to write” site. It is also a well-known Google adsense revenue sharing web site. This site first went on-line in 2006. After only 4 years, it became one of top 200 most visited web sites in the United States. According to, right now’s global traffic rank is 176 and US traffic rank is 116. It is not surprising that has great traffic stats considering there are more than 1 million articles (also known as Hubs) published by approximately 0.2 million published members on their site. provides a free platform for internet users to publish and/or store articles online. You may wonder how they make money with these articles. They make money from internet advertising by using the web content created by their members. They also share 60% of ad revenue with their members. But in order to share the ads revenue, the members must have their own Google adsense, Amazon, Ebay and Kontera accounts. If you don’t have these accounts, you may not be able to make money on Hubpages directly.

How to make money on

1. Register an account with your email. Registration at is very easy. Unlike Suite101 or, you don’t need to submit any writing samples to get your application approved. After signing up, they will send you an email and you need to follow the instructions to confirm your registration. One unique feature of Hubpages is that they allow one user to create multiple accounts.

2. Sign in your hubpages account with your username and password and then you can write and publish articles on the site. To access the article submission template, click on the link “start a new hub” located on the top of the page. Follow the instructions to submit your article starting with its title, category, tags and so on. When submit the article, you can split it into several sections. You can also add many capsules to your article such as Amazon, Ebay, RSS feed, poll and so on.

3. If you want to make some money from your hubs (articles), you need to add your affiliate IDs in the “affiliate settings” found on the “my account” page. If you don’t have accounts with Google adsense, Kontera, Amazon or Ebay, you cannot make money on But all these programs are free to join. You can also apply for them for free. If you are looking for websites where you can get paid to write without your own ads accounts required, you may want to try Associated Content, Triond, Bukisa and Redgage.

Pros of

1. The article submission platform on this site is very user-friendly. You don’t need to know HTML to publish on this web site. They also provide several layouts to meet your needs.

2. is a popular web site so that you can easily reach a large amount of audience on their site. Currently its Google page rank is 6 out of 10. This score means that is an above average web site.

3. They have a very friendly community and a very active forum. You can make a lot of friends on this site and they will help you to solve your problems and answer your questions. You can find more than 1 million posts on its forum. Here is one tip for you. Do you know that you can increase your hubber score by participating in discussions on the forum?

4. You own the copyright of articles published on

5. You are allowed to write and publish articles on and link back to your own blog or web site, but they may not allow you to publish articles solely for promoting purpose. If your hub score is above 75, the back link you get is dofollow, otherwise it is nofollow. Everybody says that dofollow links will be useful for your site’s search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.

6. You are allowed to publish articles on a broad range of topics. But there are some topics which are not allowed. To learn the details, you should check their publication guideline in the “help” section.

7. When publishing articles on, you don’t need to wait for editorial reviews. In this sense hubpages is better than

8. There are multiple ways to earn money on Besides Google adsense and Kontera, they also allow members to earn from Amazon and ebay affiliate programs. This is perfect for people who like writing product reviews.

9. Similar to AssociatedContent and Bukisa, Hubpages accepts your previously-published articles. But you must own the copyright of those articles. Many websites don’t tolerate any duplicate content, but obviously that is not the case for Hubpages. Again, see their FAQ section to learn more information.

10. They also have a referral program. You can earn additional money by referring other people to the site or bringing traffic to your own or other people’ hubs. Like most other sites, the 10% referral fee is from Hubpages’ take.

11. You can also add your google analytics account ID into your hubpages account and track your hubs’ traffic. This feature is also available on Snipsly.

Cons of

1. Unlike associatedcontent and triond, you cannot make money writing on Hubpages if you don’t have any account with ads network or affiliate program. If you are looking for a web site which uses “upfront payment”, you may consider, a web site from AOL.

2. You cannot publish short articles on this site. If you are looking for a place to publish your short articles or bookmarks, you should look into Xomba, Shvoong, Snipsly, Infopirate and Shetoldme.

3. They have zero tolerance of SPAM. If you want to sell something or do self-promotion, you should look somewhere else such as  Snipsly. If you spam, they will ban your account. If your account gets banned, you don’t have any chance of re-activating it.

So if you want to work part-time or full-time by writing articles online, you may want to give a try.

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