Bukisa Review – How to Make Money with Bukisa.com

What is Bukisa?

Www.bukisa.com is a website where people can get paid for writing and publishing articles. It is an article directory site and also a user-generated content article web site. It is also  a popular article aggregator site. Currently its’ google page rank is 5/10 and its’ Alexa Traffic Rank is 3,275, which is better than Snipsly but worse than Associated Content. This site was launched in 2008 and its parent company is located in Israel.

Who needs Bukisa.com?

For people who want to get paid to write articles online or work as a freelance writer at home, bukisa.com may be an interesting site to visit. Also it may also be a useful site for people who want to gain more internet exposure for their blogs or websites. It is one of websites where you can get backlinks for your articles, blog posts and/or website pages while getting paid. Of course, it is also a good online information source to learn new knowledge for general internet users.

How to make money with Bukisa.com?

It is simple. You sign up an account at Bukisa.com. It is totally free and you don’t need to pay any fee which is unlike tagfoot or Qondio. The sign up process is very easy and it only takes several minutes to get your account. Once you get your account, you can start to create and submit your contents to the site and they will pay you if your content is viewed by other people. Multiple types of web content are accepted at Bukisa including articles, slides, video clips and audio files. If you want to publish articles on Bukisa, the length of your articles must be at least 250 words. If you prefer to write shorter articles or even bookmarks, you may want to try Xomba or Shetoldme. (These two sites pay people to post bookmarks and very short articles.)

Besides publishing content, members can also earn money by referring other people to write on Bukisa. Bukisa.com has a 3-tier referral program. You can earn 25% of the amount of money made by your direct referee. This referral money is from Bukisa’s pocket but not your referee’s pocket. So you should not feel guilty to recruit your friends or relatives to Bukisa. You can  get 6.25% and 1.56% respectively from your 2- and 3-tiered referees.

What makes Bukisa.com a unique “get paid to write” site?

1. You don’t need to have a google adsense account to make money with Bukisa. Bukisa isn’t a google adsense revenue sharing site which is unlike hubpages, Xomba, Flixya and Snipsly. But you do need a paypal account to receive payment from Bukisa.com. Their payment is made once per month and Bukisa’s payout threshold is $10. If your Bukisa earnings don’t meet the threshold, they will be rolled over into next month in your account.

2. Bukisa uses “pay per view” system to calculate the payment. How much you will be paid depends on how much your content is viewed. Their current pay rate (also known as Bukisa Index shown on their home page) is $3.22 for 1000 views from unique visitors. No matter what topics you are going to write, you will be paid at the Bukisa index rate which is changing from time to time and depends on the whole site ads revenue income.

3. Bukisa.com accepts members not only from USA but also from the rest of the world. No matter where you live, as long as you have a paypal account, you can get paid to write on this web site.

4. Unlike many other “Get Paid to Write” sites, Bukisa.com accepts duplicate content as long as you are the owner of the work. With this policy, you can republish your previously-published articles and blog posts on Bukisa.com. This may maximize your income from your writings. But be aware that each user can only publish maximum 25 articles per day.

How about the copyright of articles published on Bukisa.com?

When you write on other people’s site, you should always pay attention to the copyright issue. You need to know who will own the articles and whether you need to share the article rights with the website. At Bukisa, you own all the right of your articles. Also you should define the copyright protection. When you publish articles on Bukisa, you can choose from two kinds of copyright protection: Syndication and non-syndication. If you want other people to republish your content on Bukisa, you should choose the former. If you don’t want other people to copy your content, then choose the latter.

Cons of Bukisa.com at a “get paid to write” site:

1. Bukisa uses the “pay per view” system to pay their members. Many other “get paid to write” sites offer multiple lines of revenue income for their contributors. For instance, on Hubpages, people can earn money from google adsense, Kontera, Amazon and Ebay revenue sharing. And also Bukisa doesn’t have upfront payment.

2. No Affiliate links are allowed on Bukisa. Most “get paid to write” sites don’t allow affiliate links except those from Amazon and Ebay. But Snipsly is an exception.

3. Bukisa doesn’t offer “do follow” links. You can use your Bukisa articles to link back to your own blogs or websites but the links that you get is “no-follow” instead of “do follow”. People believe that “do follow” links are important for their websites’ search engine optimization (SEO) purpose. But to me, link is link. One link is better than no link. If you can publish good articles on Bukisa, you still can get traffic from them to your blogs or web sites.

4. Your articles submitted to Bukisa should be approved before published. Usually it takes 1-2days for the editorial review process. However, when you publish articles on Hubpages, you don’t need to wait at all.

Summary of Bukisa Review:
Bukisa.com is a legitimate “get paid to write” site for people without google adsense accounts. It is also one of few websites that accept duplicate content or previously published content. You can use Bukisa to aggregate all your articles. International members are welcomed at this site as well.

Starting from Dec. 12, 2010, Bukisa will begin to share google adsense revenue with its members. Similar to Hubpages, they will share 60% of adsense ad revenue. To enjoy this new benefit, members will have to connect their adsense accounts with their bukisa accounts. If you don’t have a google adsense account, you may consider signing up for one.

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