Review – Make Money Writing Online is a website where you can make money writing online. Atthis site, you can get paid writing reviews of books, movies, websites or whatever you are interested in. You can write and publish articles with up to 900 words. You can get paid by writing simple and short articles since there is no minimum words limit at shvoong.

Shvoong shares 10% of ad revenue generated from your articles with you. Currently, they runs several ads on the site such as google adsene, infolink and more. But to get paid, you don’t need to have your own accounts with these ads network, which is unlike other get paid to write sites such as hubpages and xomba. Your money earned on Shvoong will be paid through paypal. The minimum payout thershold is $10 which is easy to reach.

Shvoong is designed for people from all over the world. The site supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian and more. Besides writing original articles, you can also make money by publishing translated articles at this web site, and you will earn 5% of the total ads revenue generated from your translated articles. So if you are multilingal, you should use your talent to make extra money on shvoong. also has a referral program which is another way you can make money on this site. Pros:
1. Get paid from writing short articles or translating articles.
2. You can use this web site to promote your own website. You can write a review of your blog or web site and publish it on Shvoong.
3. has a google page rank pr 6/10. It is way above average, similar to Hubpages. Xomba has only a PR of 5. Cons:
1. Ads revenue sharing rate is relatively low at Shvoong. You can get better pay at other get paid to write sites such as Bukisa and Squidoo.

Writers at Shvoong have the option to let other people use their content under the Creative Commons Arrtibution 3.0 License. So bloggers or website owner who need web content can also look into Shvoong to find Contents for syndication.

In conclusion, is an interesting make money writing site. It is not only for US writers but also for international writers, particularly for people speaking several languages. Considering Shvoong’s global oriented operating model, I believe Shvoong will grow very fast and it will become a very powerful website soon.

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