Snipsly Review: How to Make Money with

What is Snipsly? is a “get paid to write” web site, and it is also a web site which shares google adsense revenues with its members. They share 80% of its adsense revenue with its users. Snipsly is similar to Xomba (also see Xomba review), another website where you can get paid for writing articles or bookmarks. Compared to Xomba, Snipsly is relatively new but it is growing fast. The site was launched in 2009. Now it has a google page rank of 3 and its global Alexa rank is 8,886.

Who needs
If you are looking for a web site to make money from your writing or to promote your blogs, websites or products, Snipsly might be right for you.

Articles or Bookmarks allowed on
Like Xomba, Snipsly allow its users to publish bookmarks and articles. As long as you can write a paragraph containing at least 3 sentences, you can get it published on Snipsly. On this site, you can write almost on any topic and in any format as long as you follow their rules. Unlike Bukisa or Associated content, Snipsly doesn’t allow users to publish duplicate content. All the bookmarks or articles submitted to the site must be unique and have not been published anywhere else. But the good thing about is that they allow users to reserve all the rights to their articles published on Snipsly. This means that when you publish your posts or articles on Snipsly, you don’t need to share the article rights with them. In this sense, is better than Infobarrel.

How to make money on
This site only shares google adsense earnings with its contributors even though the site also runs other advertisements such as infolinks contextual ads. To earn adsense income on, users must have their own google adsense account and submit their publisher IDs to Snipsly during or after registration. Snipsly used to share Kontera revenue with its authors but they have discontinued it.

Another way to make money on Snipsly is to promote products and/or services from your affiliated programs such as Amazon, Ebay, clickbank, Pepperjam and others. Most “get paid to write” or “google adsense revenue sharing” sites do not allow affiliate links. But that is not the case for Snipsly. So even though you may not have a google adsense account, as long as you have something to sell or promote, can help you to make money online. If it is necessary, you are allowed to open multiple accounts for different purposes.

Another pro for is that it provides “do follow” links which can help you to promote your articles, blogs and websites. If you are writing on Associated Content, Hubpages, Infobarrel or other get paid to write sites, you can write bookmarks on and back link to your articles. These “do follow” links will help your articles to rank higher on search engines. accepts members from all-over the world. If you are from a country in Asia, you can still join the site, but you have to write and publish in English. If you prefer to write in other languages, you may want to try other sites like Shvoong.

It is very easy to sign up an account at You don’t need to provide any writing samples to get your application approved.

What are the cons of
1. Snipsly uses the wordpress platform and it may not be easy to use for some new writers.
2. If you don’t have a google adsense account or anything to sell, you cannot make money directly on snipsly. If that is your case, you may want to try other get paid to write sites such as bukisa and triond.

3. Snipsly’s performance is not consistent. In Oct. 2010, experienced a sudden drop in its google traffic. This may be due to some low quality contents on the site. To learn more information, see the Snipsly traffic drop post on Google Webmaster Forum. This traffic drop happens to But it can happen to any crowd sourcing article sites. For example, Infopirate was also penalized once. So if you write for “get paid to write” sites, you should diversify your efforts and write on multiple websites. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
4. Snipsly doesn’t have a referral program.
5. Unlike hubpages, Snipsly doesn’t share Kontera earnings with users; unlike Shetoldme, doesn’t share Chitika income with its users.

Summary of Review: is a legitimate google adsense sharing site where you can make money from publishing bookmarks and/or articles. If you like writing short articles, you have to check it out.

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