Xomba Review: Make Money Writing on Xomba.com

Do you want to get paid to write on the internet? If the answer is yes, you may want to consider joining Xomba. You can write short articles or blubs to make money on Xomba. No matter where you live, as long as you have a google adsense account, you can join Xomba and earn money from your writings published on Xomba.

Xomba.com background
Xomba.com was created by Nick Veneris and his partners and launched in 2006, according to the xomba website. To learn more about history of xomba and xomba team, you can visit xomba website or contact them directly.

How to get paid to write on Xomba: Xomba shares Google adsense revenue 50/50 with you.
Xomba will not pay you. Instead, Google will pay you. When you sign up at Xomba, you need to give them your google adsense pub-ID so that they will split the ad revenue generated on your xomba writings 50/50 with you. 50% of times your xomba writings will show Xomba’s google adsense pub-ID, and 50% of times your xomba writings will show your google adsense pub-ID. In this way, your google adsense revenue will be directly deposited into your google adsense account. Xomba also uses other ad services to generate income such as Kontera. But Xomba only share Google adsense revenue with their users.

Is Xomba a popular “get paid to write” site?
Xomba is a popular “get paid to write” site. The current google Pagerank (PR) of Xomba is 5/10. According to Quantcast, within the past 3 years US traffic to Xomba grew dramatically, and last month Xomba had approximate 6 million visitors from US. Since xomba is also open to international writers, their global traffic should be way heavier than its US traffic.  Many writers have written positive reviews of xomba published on other popular “get paid to write” sites such as ehow, associated content, bukisa, suite101 and so on.

How to make money writing on Xomba?
You can write and publish two types of blurbs on Xomba. The longer blurbs, also referred as an “Article”, requires a minimum 150 words. The shorter blurbs, also called a “BookMark”, requires a minimum of 50 words and a link to the bookmarked webpage or blog post. Each link can only be bookmarked once on xomba. If you want to bookmark a link, but it already exists on xomba (bookmarked by other users), you can’t bookmark it anymore. You can bookmark your own blogs or websites, helping you to build your own websites, as long as you follow Xomba publication guidelines. You can also promote your Amazon affiliate and Ebay affiliate links, as long as you follow Xomba rules. If you are new to online writing and don’t know how to promote your xomba articles, you should read “Make Money Guide” at Xomba help section. You will find it helpful. You may also like “How to write good articles and make money online.”Do you know that you can monitor your xomba writings individually in the google adsense account? By doing so, you may improve your xomba writings’ google adsense performance a lot.

Xomba Referral Program
Another way to earn money on Xomba is to refer your friends to write for xomba. You will earn 10% of the google adsense revenue generated from your referrals writings, and the good thing is that this 10% is not from your referrals’ pockets, instead, it is from Xomba’s pocket. So you don’t need to feel guilty about referring your friends to Xomba. If you can make money on Xomba and you like Xomba, let your friends know. They may like it as well and appreciate for your information. I like Xomba and highly recommend it. If you want to make money writing on line, Join Xomba Now.

How to get banned on Xomba?
Is Xomba a scam? So far, I don’t think so based on my own experience with Xomba. But some people say “Xomba is a scam. They block users’ accounts.” (See negative Xomba reviews.) I do believe Xomba block users’ accounts when the account owners do something wrong. Xomba has posting rules. Xomba users should follow the Xomba rules. Before joining Xomba, you should read it carefully. For example, plagiarism is forbidden at Xomba as well as other “get paid to write” sites. If you don’t know what plagiarism is and want to learn more, you should read “How to avoid plagiarism”. Since Xomba uses Google adsense, all of your xomba writings should comply with google adsense TOS as well.

Is Xomba the only google adsense revenue sharing site?
Of course not. There are many legitimate google adsense revenue sharing sites such as Squidoo, Hubpages, Flixya, Shetoldme, YouSayToo and more. But Xomba is one of the google adsense revenue sharing sites I like best and highly recommend. Happy writing.

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