InfoBarrel Review: How to Make Extra Money Writing on Info Barrel

There are several ways to make extra money on the internet. For example, you can sell things on ebay, take paying surveys and write articles. These days there are a lot of “get paid to freelance writing” opportunities on the web. Some of them are scams, but most of them are legitimate. Among the legitimate “get paid to freelance writing” sites, their members ratings vary widely in terms of their earning performance, types of payment, publication rights and site supporting services.Here I am going to review a “get paid to freelance writing”:Info barrel, and I am going to show you how to make extra money writing on Info Barrel.

How to make money writing on

1.You need a google adsense Publisher-ID in order to earn money writing on Unlike Associated Content, Info Barrel pays their content contributors by sharing their advertising revenue, mainly google adsense revenue. That is why is also referred as “google adsense revenue sharing”site. InfoBarrel is a pretty generous “google adsense revenue sharing” site comparing to their competitors such as Xomba (If you are interested in writing for Xomba, you should read Xomba review for details.) InfoBarrel shares 75% with their members regularly. But if you can win their contest, your sharing rate will be increased upto 90%. So before you sign up at, you should apply a google adsense account. Fortunately, both google adsense and Infobarrel are completely FREE to join.

2.You register an account at Again, it is free to join don’t need to anything for your InfoBarrel registration. Before sign up, you should carefully read and agree term of service. If you violate their term of service, your infobarrel account may be banned. They will ask your email address during the registration process. You will create a username and password for account login purpose. After the registration, they will send you an email to confirm your email address. To confirm your address, you simply click the link in the account activation email. After you open your account, remember to fill in your google adsense publisher-ID in your infobarrel account profile so that you will ean money directly from your infobarrel articles in your google adsense account.
You can also upload your avatar and your biography in your infobarrel profile.

3.You should write unique articles and submit them to infobarrel. Similar to all the other “get paid to write freelance” sites, has zero tolarence for plagiarism. (If you don’t know what plagiarism is and how to avoid plagiarim, you should read How to avoid plagiarism in academic writing.) In addition, unlike Associated Content, Infobarrel requests 100% unique content. This means your submitted articles should not be previously published anywhere else on the web even though you own the copyright and the publication was with your permission.  InfoBarrel also has an article length requirement. All your articles submitted to should have least 325 words. You can write 4 types of articles at Infobarrel: How-to, Video, Review and Blank. During the submission, you need to use corresponding article submission templates, which is similar to Hubpage, another google adsense revenue sharing writing site. For new writers on, Infobarrel editors’ pre-approvel is required before the articles can be published. But you can earn pre-approved status by meeting certain criteria such as publishing 10 articles.

4.Another way to make extra money on is to refer your friends or relatives to join the site. You can earn 2% from your referrals’ earnings. For example, if one of your referrals made $100, you will earn $2. That sounds small money. But it will accumulated over the time. And also if you have 100 referrals who made $100, you will earn $200. That is good money. So more people you referred to InfoBarrel, more money you will earn.

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