Tagfoot.com Review – Personal Online Bookmarking Site – Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Website

If you need to organize your website bookmarks, you may want to look into www.tagfoot.com. Tagfoot.com is a personal online bookmarking site which allows members to keep a record of interesting things they find on the internet and share them with their friends.

Tagfoot.com Review:

What can you do on www.tagfoot.com?
People can share photos, videos, news, wishlist, bookmarks and more stuff at tagfoot. Tag Foot is also a place on the web to meet people and make new friends. Even though it is a bookmarking site, it doesn’t allow members to do self-promotion. If you are looking for a web to promote your hubpages, infobarrel or squidoo articles, you may want to pass on this site. It is also not for people seeking back links to their blogs or websites.

Www.tagfoot.com is a google adsense revenue sharing site.
Currently, this site has a google page rank pr 4/10. This web site was launched 3 years ago, but it is still in Beta. It is also a google adsense revenue sharing site. According to the Tagfoot website, they share adsense revenue with members who contribute content to tagfoot. But not all the members of tagfoot can earn adsense money. In order to qualify for adsense sharing program at this web site, you have to meet two criteria: 1. reach a “footness” level of 1000; 2. Upload 10 videos, 10 photos, 10 articles, 10 wishlist items and 10 bookmarks onto tagfoot. If you think this is too much work to do, you should pass on tagfoot and move to other google adsense revenue sharing sites such as hubpages, xomba, infobarrel and others. Some people have said that tagfoot share 50% adsense revenue with members, but I cannot find this information on their website. This web site also has a referral program. Members can invite their friends to join tagfoot.com. But it is not clear whether you can make money from your referring activity or how much you can make from referring others to join tagfoot.

Things you want to know about www.tagfoot.com sign up
Right now tagfoot is not free to sign up. If you want to sign up an account at tagfoot, you have to pay a one-time $5 sign up fee. This sounds a little bit ridiculous, since even more popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are free to join. Social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Reddit and Delicious are also free to sign up. I know some other sites such as RedGage pay people to bookmark on their sites, but they don’t charge any sign up fee at all. At tagfoot, there are also a lot of cute terminologies such as bigfoot, profoot, spamfoot and so on. It may sound cool but it may be confusing to new members. So if you are seriously considering joining tagfoot, you should spend some time to figure out what all those terms mean.

In conclusion, www.tagfoot.com is only for people who really want to use tagfoot services. If you are interested in tagfoot, you should pay a visit to their website to learn more. Make sure you read their help section and make sure to click on the sign up button and then you will see a unique “welcome speech”. “No catch”…Maybe. “No free lunch”…Sure! A Non-Refundable one-time membership fee of $5.

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