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Flixya Review

Flixya.com is an online social networking community where you can share your videos, photos and blogs with your friends and other people. Online social networking community is not a new thing. You may already have heard of Facebook, Myspace and Linkedin, the 3 most popular social networking communities. What makes Flixya.com special? Flixya.com helps you earn money from what you do everyday on Facebook and Myspace, sharing videos, photos and blogs. Flixya is offering 100% Google Adsense Revenue sharing with their members.

How to make money on Flixya.com?

You can upload your videos from other video sharing sites to Flixya, for example, Youtube, Daily Mothion, Rewer and Google Video. Flixya also provides unlimited Free photos hosting service. Even you don’t want to make money from your photos, you still can take advantage of the FREE feature. Stop paying money to host your photos online today, since you can get it FREE at Flixya.com. And what makes it more attractive is that you can earn google adsense income from your shared photos. If you like writing,  you can set up a blog at Flixya and self-publish your articles and earn money from your blog posts through google adsense. If you want to make money on Flixya.com, you need a google adsense account. Both google adsense and Flixya accounts are FREE to sign up. If you have already have a google adsense account, you just need to enter your google publisher ID when you join Flixya.com. If you don’t have a google adsense account, you can apply one when you sign up Flixya.com since Flixya is a website owned by google, similar to blogger.com.

Is Flixya.com a reputable site?

Can you trust Flixya.com? As I mentioned above, the parent company of Flixya.com is Google, one of the most reliable companies on the internet. Several years ago, Flixya.com is just a website for video sharing, but later Google decided to upgrade it into a social networking site. And Google also generously offers the opportunity for Flixya members to get paid through the google adsense program for their activities and contributions. Can you trust Google? I think the answer is Yes, since there are so many people using gmail, a free email service provided by google and submitting their social security numbers to google adsense for payment purposes.

Is Flixya.com a scam?

Is Flixya.com a scam? I don’t think Flixya.com is a scam. If you search the web for “Flixya scam” , you may find some people complaining that their accounts have been suspended by google. This might be true. But it does not mean Flixya.com is a scam. Sometimes people just don’t behave according to the rules. So before you join Flixya.com, you should careful read their “Terms of Service” and learn more about Flixya. You can also take a look what other people say about Flixya.com by reading Flixya reviews at viewpoints.com, blogspot.com and Techzoomin.com.

Is Flixya.com a popular social networking site?

Is Flixya.com a popular social networking site? Now Flixya.com is not as popular as Facebook. But Flixya is growing. The monthly US visitors to Flixya around 376,2000 on average according to Quantcast.com, a website monitoring web traffic. Facebook has 125 million US visitors every month approximately. And the page rank of Flixya is 5/10 (higher is better and the maximium is 10). This value is also lower than that of Facebook, 10/10. But let us give Flixya.com some time and it may catch up Facebook in the future.

If you are curious about make money writing online, one site you should try is Flixya.com. Visit Flixya.com to learn more.

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