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Here is a short review of India Study Channel. is a get paid to write website. They are sharing google adsense revenue with their content contributors. Indiastudychannel is an online community for students so they welcome all content with topics on education issues such as examination, education system, university question papers and so on. If you are a student or working in school, you may want to look into indiastudychannel to get a chance to be paid for writing educational related articles.

Indiastudychannel Review:

Pro :
1.India Study Channel shares 90% of google adsense revenue with their members.
2.They also have cash credit payment system. This means that people without google adsense account can also earn money writing at But the money is paid in rupees, the Indian currency. It is not convenient for international members.
3.India Study Channel has a pretty active forum where you can give or get advice for different examinations such as medical entrance exam and TOEFL and IELTs exams. is a good website to find educational resources.
4.You can improve your English while making money writing at
5. has google page rank 4/10. It is a decent value.
Cons :
1.Indiastudychannel only allow you to earn adsense money from your posts for the first year after they are published. 90% sharing rate at Indiastudychannel sounds high, but it is only good for 1 year.This 1 year sharing policy is not commonly seen. Other adsense revenue sharing sites such as Xomba (share 50%) and Hubpages (share 60%) do not have this kind of policy.
2. Only members with Gold or above level can earn from google adsense revenue sharing at At Indiastudychannel, there are several member levels including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum etc.  To upgrade to higher member level, you have to earn more points by contributing more content to the site.
3. In order to receive your google adsense revenue from indiastudychannel, you have to be an active member. This means you have to login to your account and publish some content at indiastudychannel at least once per month.
4.Indiastudychannel doesn’t share other ads revenue. Similar to Hubpages, Indiastudychannel shares Kontera ads revenue as well. But unlike Shetoldme, it doesn’t share Chitika ads revenue.

In conclusion, is a get paid to write website and is also a google adsense revenue sharing site. It is a good site to find educational information. This site might be recommended to students or teachers living in India. After reading this indiastudychannel review, if you want to make money writing at Indiastudychannel, you should visit the website to learn more information.

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