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One way to earn money writing online is to write and publish articles on “Get Paid to Write” sites. Different “Get Paid to Write” sites come with different requirements, policies, payment systems and themes. Ground Report is an global news platform which shares its advertising revenue with its content contributors. So Ground Report is one of the “Get Paid to Write” sites, and people can make money writing articles on GroundReport. But what makes Ground Report unique is its theme: Ground Report is a citizen journalism (also known as hyperlocal journalism and wiki-journalism) publication media. is found in 2006 by its current CEO Rachel Sterne. Rachel Sterne’s UN working experience inspired her to establish a citizen journalism website so that everyone will get a chance to report what they witnessed in their local life. The members of Ground Report, also known as citizen reporters are from all over the world. So the news released on Ground Report covers not only local and US events but also international issues. This makes GroundReport a great media for Americans to know what is really happening in the rest of the world. You can see videos of Rachel Sterne interviews on Vime and CNN.

As a news site, Ground Report only accepts original news articles, photos and video clips. They prefer that the authors of these content be eye-witnesses of reported events. They want ORIGINAL news stories. If the story you submitted is not original, for example, bought from someone else, the article will be rejected even though you may own the copyright of the article. All the articles submitted to Ground Report will undergo editorial reviews before publication. But the exceptions are those written by Ground Report Contributor partners who have long trusted track records on GroundReport. Other GroundReport members can also vote for their favorite stories. If the article gets high member ratings, it will be shown on the front page which will give more clicks and views for that article. If you are interested in writing news reports, you should look into GroundReport. GroundReport is a perfect “get paid to write” sites for professional journalists and journalism students.

GroundReport pays its members by sharing ad revenues. It is not a google adsense revenue sharing site. So you don’t need a google account to get paid at GroundReport. GroundReport, similar to Associated Content and Bukisa, uses a performance payment system which is based on page views. The more page views received for the content, the more money earned by the author. AssociatedContent pays $1.50-$2.00 for 1000 page views; Bukisa pays $3.22 (current Bukisa Index) for 1000 page views.  (See also Associated Content Review) But how GroundReport calculates the performance payment is a mystery. They did not give a detailed explanation on their website. Some people said that “GroundReport shares 50% of ad revenues with its members.” However, I cannot find this information on the GroundReport website. But how much GroundReport earns from ads each month is still an open question. I am interested to know how much its members can make from their published writings on GroundReport website. GroundReport payment is made once per month though PayPal.

GroundReport allows members to retain full rights for their published articles. There are 4 types of Creative Commons licenses provided on GroundReport, cited as follow:
Attribution (Very Relaxed)
Allows for changes and redistribution, commercial and non-commercial, that credits you as author.
Attribution No Derivatives (Relaxed)
Allows for redistribution, commercial and non-commercial, that credits you as author. No changes to your work are allowed.
Attribution Non-commercial (Strict)
Lets others redistribute, change and build upon your work non-commercially.
Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives (Very Strict)
Allows for non-commercial redistribution that credits you as author. No changes to your work are allowed
You make your own choices depending on how you want other people to use your contents.

Joining GroundReport is simple and easy. You don’t need to submit your resume or writing sample. You can simply register an account at GroundReport and begin to write and submit articles. But remember your articles need GroundReport editorial approval before being published.

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