Thecouponclippers Customer Review: Coupon Clipping Service

Most people clip coupons from their Sunday papers before they do their weekend grocery shopping. However going through many coupons to find that one that you want, and then actually clipping the coupons and organizing them, takes a lot of time. It would be nice if you can pay a small fee and have someone else do all this work for you. A website called does just this.

Even if you are willing to spend the time to clip coupons from papers, using thecouponclippers comes with several advantages compared to the Sunday paper. Firstly, they have an enormous selection of coupons, aggregating the coupons from papers of all metropolitan areas, plus they also have printable online coupons, therefore you have a much higher chance of finding a coupon for the specific product you want from their website then from the Sunday paper. Secondly, you can order multiple copies of a coupon, so that you can stock up on a product. Coupons cost 5-20% of their face value, and you can order a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 coupons. The minimum of 5 exists because most of the time they spend is in searching for the coupon, and if everybody only orders 1 coupon, the business does not pay for itself. The only exceptions are selected hot coupons which can be ordered singly. The maximum of 10 coupons is so that everyone else has a chance to buy the same coupon. The fee for this service is a flat $0.50 administrative fee, plus $0.42 for mailing, subject to a $3 minimum order (not including the fees). You can pay by credit card or by Paypal. They estimate the date of arrival of the coupons so that you will not get expired coupons.

I have used this services several times, and am quite happy with it. For a $4 outlay, I can generally get coupons giving discounts of $25-$50 off my grocery purchases. I also find it very useful for locating the rare coupons I want. The service is best for non-perishables that can be purchased in bulk, and is generally not good for perishables that are bought in small quantities, where it is more efficient just to clip the coupon from your Sunday papers. If you are diligent about checking the grocers’ websites for the flyers they post in the middle of the week, you can often spot products that are going on sale, and then immediately order the same coupon from, which will take 2-3 days to arrive, just in time for your weekend shopping. This way, you can get many items at a very steep discount.

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